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Friday, February 25, 2011


Why is it that when you wake up from a dream that you want to continue, once you fall asleep again, you start dreaming about random shit like shopping for watermelons without any pants on or that you are driving in the pitch black without headlights?  How about the dreams that you don't want to continue?  For the first time that I'm aware of, I woke up from a dream and when I fell back asleep, I continued where I left off.  I wasn't sure that was possible until last night.  It would've been cool if it was a good dream.  It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't anything awesome.

During the first part...   I was pregnant.  I was at my mom and dad's old house getting things ready for me to go to the hospital to have the baby.  My belly was round and full and solid to the touch.  During the dream, I was getting ready for the "appointment" for me to go into labor.  Walking around, making sure that my bags were packed and I had directions to the hospital and so on. I remember once in the dream, my mom appeared and put her hand on my belly and smiled.  I don't recall her saying anything at all.  That was comforting to me. Also, at one point, I was sitting on the toilet and my dad walked in the bathroom and I said something like 'hey i'm poopin because I'm about to have this baby and I don't want to poop while I'm pushing it out.  Did you know I am pregnant?'  In my opinion, that was the second best part of the dream.  I woke up giggling.

After I fell back asleep, I finished the dream.  The next part was me walking into the doctor's office telling them that it was my "appointment" to go into labor.  They did an extremely fast ultrasound and said to come back later.  (Man.. if only that's how having a baby works....)  So I left.. Then I was touring a condo that had stupid ass wicker chairs and tables on the front balcony right in front of the doors.  My big ass and belly was hitting chairs as I was squeezing by to get to the door.  Then I was back at the doctor's office again and the lady at the front desk had me go back for another ultrasound.  Really? ....   and oddly enough, my sister was there with me.  She didn't talk and acted as if she was there alone.  So after the ultrasound, the doctor said that I still wasn't ready because I was only 4 months pregnant but he wanted me to try to push anyway to see if I was strong enough to handle childbirth.  Oh. My. Gawd.

So after I woke up...  I was considering how demented my mind is to allow me to finish a stupid dream like that after waking up and falling back asleep.  Why couldn't I finish a dream that makes me happy?  For a first experience of falling back asleep and finishing a dream, I'm grateful this was a vivid one.  I'm glad I can remember so many parts of it.  I guess it could have been worse.   I could have finished a dream about a monster eating me or an intruder with a gun to my head.  Maybe my mind isn't as demented as I'd thought.

~Nancy Drew

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