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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Trevor is like my first born.  He's the first dog I've owned since my childhood dog, Smokey.  I fell in love with Trevor when I met him in the shelter.  I knew he was perfect for me.  I love him to pieces.  He rarely gets in trouble.  He's so mellow and he sleeps ALL THE TIME.  He has such a kind heart.  Sometimes I think he's a human reincarnated.  I've told him several times, "Trevor, if you can talk, just tell me and I won't tell anyone."  He has yet to respond.
Trevor loves perching on the stairs. late 2010 or early 2011

Snow day! 2011 with Kipper

Trevor lookin' all serious in his turtleneck. 2011

Don't look at the muddly floors or toys... This is Trevor proving that he's a big boy by eating out of Steve's food bowl. 2011

Trevor's bowl is like 2ft away on the floor. I do not require him to stand on a stool to eat. 2011

Trevor needs a haircut in this pic.  I believe this is 2009.

Trevor loves taco bell.  This was him eating lunch during our drive home from Arkansas.  Sour cream on the nose! 2009

My cuddly little Trevor.  2009

He looks like I'm squishing him.  I'm not. We were wrestling. 2009

What a cutie pootie.  This is Trevor when he was running through our apartment. 2009

Snow day!  I believe this was 2009.  I put a sweater and boots on him so we could go outside and he refused to walk. Little brat.

I was bribing him with a cookie.  He still wouldn't walk.

Trevor is lounging in Granny's bedroom. 2009

Look at that face! Mommy's baby boy.

Trevor is such a man.  He sleeps upside down on the couch. So cute.

Trevor loves roadtrips!

After Trevor got a bath and haircut, he refused to walk in Petsmart.  This is the equivalent to a child screaming in Wal-Mart.

I have this thing about poking Trevor's face while he's trying to sleep. lol

Trevor wasn't happy that Sparkles came to visit on the couch.

Trevor was sleeping and it looked like he was smiling. haha i love this.

Trevor's kind heart is what impresses me the most.  He spends much of his time caring for his brothers.  He is always doctoring Steve and Kipper.

Trevor loves only a select few people.  Me, Alan, and Brandi.  He loved my mother too.  Even when she called him Gunnar. haha.  It takes him time to trust people.  Makes me wonder about his past and his life before he adopted me.

My heart will break when I lose Trev.  I tell him all the time that he needs to live forever.  I really wish he would.

~Nancy Drew

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