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Monday, February 28, 2011

That's my vagina

You know it's time to call it a night and just go to bed when you have to say, "Steve, don't! That's my vagina."  It's bad when it's not referring to sexual things and even worse when you're talking to a dog.  Steve gets so wound up when I'm relaxing at home after work. He wants to stand on my legs or he pushes his face into my lap to get me to scratch his ears.  He is such a goofy boy and he doesn't realize his strength.  But how can you not love that face?

~Nancy Drew

Sunday, February 27, 2011


The day after McLovin came home after flying away, I bought Lucy.  I called the nearest pet store and asked if they had any hand fed female cockatiels.  They said none are handfed but you can catch some of them in the cage. I didn't really care since she was for McLovin anyway.  I drove to the petstore and walked in.  It was a small, dark, and smelly petstore that had several different types of birds.  A huge cockatoo was on top of a cage, screaming.  I went up to the bird and it raised a wing for me.  The petstore owner said the bird only does that to people it likes so it can be scratched under the wing.  After I left the cockatoo cage, I looked around at the other birds.  I spoke with the shop owner and explained what I was looking for.  She said she was the one I spoke with on the phone and she had pulled a cockatiel from the cage and had it in a different room.  She brought Lucy out on her shoulder.  In the store, Lucy was calm and just borderline friendly.  Fine, I'll take her.  I paid and gathered up my bird who was carefully stuffed in a box with holes and we left for home.  Once I got her home, I wanted to keep her separate from McLovin in case she had any kind of weird bird diseases.  The very first night she was with us, my brother stuck his hand in the cage to pick her up.  He was used to McLovin being friendly and wanting to be held.  Lucy bit Alan on the thumb and blood went everywhere.  He screamed and called her a devil.  That's how she got her name.  Lucy is officially short for Lucifer.  She's a lucky little bird. If she hadn't been so mean to my brother, her name was going to be Moose.
Lucy was  being cranky because she had eggs in the nesting box.

She was hissing and telling me to get away from her babies.

There were 4 eggs under her.  It was her first clutch.

Lucy on the lamp and McLovin on the couch.

Lucy and McLovin always tried to stay in places where I couldn't reach them. Little penguins.

It didn't take long for McLovin and Lucy to fall in love.  They make sexy time ALL THE TIME.

McLovin and Lucy on the couch at our apartment.

Lucy was being overly affectionate and climbed on my lap.

She stayed on my lap for hours that night.

Lucy loves popcorn!

They spent so much time on top of my armoire.  They chewed up the edges of the doors and played in the candleholders on top of the armoire.

Lucy was on a mission, climbing up the couch.

Lucy gave Mommy kisses!

Pretty Lucy on the swing.

She may be McLovin's wife, but she's my baby.  She is perfect for our family.  I didn't pick her out at the store, but I couldn't imagine another bird being a better fit.  We love Lucy Goosey and I want her to be with us always. 

~Nancy Barber

Birds in the bathroom

I was sitting on the toilet with this big cage in my face.  McLovin, Lucy, and Sparkles were watching me.  So I took pics of them and then McLovin started talking...

~Nancy Drew

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Trevor is like my first born.  He's the first dog I've owned since my childhood dog, Smokey.  I fell in love with Trevor when I met him in the shelter.  I knew he was perfect for me.  I love him to pieces.  He rarely gets in trouble.  He's so mellow and he sleeps ALL THE TIME.  He has such a kind heart.  Sometimes I think he's a human reincarnated.  I've told him several times, "Trevor, if you can talk, just tell me and I won't tell anyone."  He has yet to respond.
Trevor loves perching on the stairs. late 2010 or early 2011

Snow day! 2011 with Kipper

Trevor lookin' all serious in his turtleneck. 2011

Don't look at the muddly floors or toys... This is Trevor proving that he's a big boy by eating out of Steve's food bowl. 2011

Trevor's bowl is like 2ft away on the floor. I do not require him to stand on a stool to eat. 2011

Trevor needs a haircut in this pic.  I believe this is 2009.

Trevor loves taco bell.  This was him eating lunch during our drive home from Arkansas.  Sour cream on the nose! 2009

My cuddly little Trevor.  2009

He looks like I'm squishing him.  I'm not. We were wrestling. 2009

What a cutie pootie.  This is Trevor when he was running through our apartment. 2009

Snow day!  I believe this was 2009.  I put a sweater and boots on him so we could go outside and he refused to walk. Little brat.

I was bribing him with a cookie.  He still wouldn't walk.

Trevor is lounging in Granny's bedroom. 2009

Look at that face! Mommy's baby boy.

Trevor is such a man.  He sleeps upside down on the couch. So cute.

Trevor loves roadtrips!

After Trevor got a bath and haircut, he refused to walk in Petsmart.  This is the equivalent to a child screaming in Wal-Mart.

I have this thing about poking Trevor's face while he's trying to sleep. lol

Trevor wasn't happy that Sparkles came to visit on the couch.

Trevor was sleeping and it looked like he was smiling. haha i love this.

Trevor's kind heart is what impresses me the most.  He spends much of his time caring for his brothers.  He is always doctoring Steve and Kipper.

Trevor loves only a select few people.  Me, Alan, and Brandi.  He loved my mother too.  Even when she called him Gunnar. haha.  It takes him time to trust people.  Makes me wonder about his past and his life before he adopted me.

My heart will break when I lose Trev.  I tell him all the time that he needs to live forever.  I really wish he would.

~Nancy Drew

Friday, February 25, 2011

A perfect example....

This is a perfect example of why I NEED to blog.  After a horrible day at work, I was ready to be at home, relaxing with my boys.  I was maybe a mile away from home and this odd thought came into my head... 'I wonder what the boys destroyed today...'    Oh how I wish that thought never made it into my puny brain.

I drove up on my carport and before I was even out of my truck, I heard the barking.  Oh shit.
I slowly put the key in the door and turned the knob, holding my breath.
I opened the door and walked in... and.... Kill. Me. Now.
There was a magazine turned confetti that was scattered throughout my living room and dining room area.  Great.
Ok, nothing a broom can't handle.

Then... I see what creates an anger in me that I haven't felt in quite some time.  The birdcage is pushed into the corner of the room.. Steve is the only one big enough to push that huge cage.  So of course I tell him how he needs to leave the birds alone.  I didn't lose my temper.  I just let the boys go outside while I start to clean up the mess.  But I missed something...   I go to the bird cage to move it back into place and I see that the door is caved and the latches are bent.  "ARE YOU KIDDING?!" is what I screamed.  After close inspection and an attempt to bend the metal cage back into an acceptable shape, I have discovered that the cage cannot be salvaged.  Thanks alot, Steve.  Ass. 

My blood is  boiling at this point and I pushed the cage into the bathroom and closed the door so the dogs cannot get in.  I then went to the back door to let my boys in the house.  Steve refuses to come in.  He knows he's in trouble.  After several attempts, I get him in the house and pull him to the bathroom so he can see the birds while I explain what he did wrong.  I get right in his face and VERY sternly tell him that the birds are off limits, they are not a snack, they have been here longer that you and so on.  Steve was listening with wide eyes but probably didn't have a clue what I was talking about.  I hope I got through to him but I realize this was my fault for leaving the cage out where the dogs could see those cute little birds flittering around in the cage, looking so delicious. :)

I tried getting a pic of Steve amongst the mess, but he was running around like a goob.

He seemed so proud of his mess. Or maybe he was just trying to be cute because Mommy hadn't noticed the birdcage yet.

This was the last pic I took and after I saw the birdcage, I was too mad to find humor in taking pics.

Don't worry, peeps.  Steve is still alive and I still love him very much.  He's just grounded since Mommy has to shop for a new cage which will run about $250. 

~Nancy Drew


Why is it that when you wake up from a dream that you want to continue, once you fall asleep again, you start dreaming about random shit like shopping for watermelons without any pants on or that you are driving in the pitch black without headlights?  How about the dreams that you don't want to continue?  For the first time that I'm aware of, I woke up from a dream and when I fell back asleep, I continued where I left off.  I wasn't sure that was possible until last night.  It would've been cool if it was a good dream.  It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't anything awesome.

During the first part...   I was pregnant.  I was at my mom and dad's old house getting things ready for me to go to the hospital to have the baby.  My belly was round and full and solid to the touch.  During the dream, I was getting ready for the "appointment" for me to go into labor.  Walking around, making sure that my bags were packed and I had directions to the hospital and so on. I remember once in the dream, my mom appeared and put her hand on my belly and smiled.  I don't recall her saying anything at all.  That was comforting to me. Also, at one point, I was sitting on the toilet and my dad walked in the bathroom and I said something like 'hey i'm poopin because I'm about to have this baby and I don't want to poop while I'm pushing it out.  Did you know I am pregnant?'  In my opinion, that was the second best part of the dream.  I woke up giggling.

After I fell back asleep, I finished the dream.  The next part was me walking into the doctor's office telling them that it was my "appointment" to go into labor.  They did an extremely fast ultrasound and said to come back later.  (Man.. if only that's how having a baby works....)  So I left.. Then I was touring a condo that had stupid ass wicker chairs and tables on the front balcony right in front of the doors.  My big ass and belly was hitting chairs as I was squeezing by to get to the door.  Then I was back at the doctor's office again and the lady at the front desk had me go back for another ultrasound.  Really? ....   and oddly enough, my sister was there with me.  She didn't talk and acted as if she was there alone.  So after the ultrasound, the doctor said that I still wasn't ready because I was only 4 months pregnant but he wanted me to try to push anyway to see if I was strong enough to handle childbirth.  Oh. My. Gawd.

So after I woke up...  I was considering how demented my mind is to allow me to finish a stupid dream like that after waking up and falling back asleep.  Why couldn't I finish a dream that makes me happy?  For a first experience of falling back asleep and finishing a dream, I'm grateful this was a vivid one.  I'm glad I can remember so many parts of it.  I guess it could have been worse.   I could have finished a dream about a monster eating me or an intruder with a gun to my head.  Maybe my mind isn't as demented as I'd thought.

~Nancy Drew

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fear not...

Fear not, dear lonely follower. (you may not be alone for long as I am thinking of sharing with other friends too.) Not all of my posts will be boring and about my pets. But just know that they are more interesting than I am. The first several posts will be getting to know them and me. After that, it will be a combined mix of our lives and the things we encounter and the randomness that flows from my corrupt mind.


McLovin is the first of my family.  I bought him soon after I moved to Missouri.  I got him when he was just a baby.
This is McLovin standing on my hand in 2010.

McLovin again on my hand in 2010.

This is a close up of McLovin. I'm not sure of the year. I'm guessing 2009-2010.

This was soon after I got McLovin.  2008

Mclovin guarding the first clutch of eggs.  Only one egg hatched but the poor baby didn't survive.

I got McLovin in early 2008.  He is my only male cockatiel.  He has such an amazing personality and is so full of character.  He is quite bossy and mouthy... so he fits right in.  He talks and whistles all the time.  He loves commercials on t.v. that whistle.  Right now, there is a febreeze commercial that whistles and he LOVES it. :)  He says "Hey McLovin! What're ya doin?  Come here! (sounds more like 'commere') Hey Baby"  He does the wolf whistle, the come here whistle, and he sings bits of the Andy Griffith Theme show song.  He used to whistle the entire song but now he just jumbles his favorite parts.

During McLovin's first year, he and I went EVERYWHERE together.  He has been in many different stores in Missouri and Arkansas.  We used to go shopping and go for car rides.  He would always stand on my shoulder as I walked and shopped.  He hopped onto an old lady's shoulder once in a pet store.  He wanted her earrings.  I remember so vividly how he grabbed those gold hoops and the lady just giggled like a little kid.  I was apologizing like crazy but she wasn't upset at all.  She was a delightful woman and we stood there and talked for about a half hour.  McLovin never tried to fly away during our shopping excursions.  Until... we were visiting my mom in Arkansas and I walked outside with McLovin on my shoulder.  There was a little devil child visiting with his parents that day.  The kid ran up the steps of the porch and right next to where I was sitting, he let out a loud trumpeting sound, like an elephant.  It startled little McLovin and he flew away into the woods near my parents house.  I was so heartbroken.  I didn't think I would ever see him again.  I just knew that with his bright yellow head, he would definitely stand out and be eaten before I could ever get him back.  I cried for him to come back.  I ran out in our yard and looked toward the direction that he went.  I yelled and whistled for him but I didn't see a sign of him. 

The next day, I was sitting on the porch with my mom.  We had been outside for a while just talking and enjoying the hot summer day.  I was chatting away and I stopped mid-sentence.... I thought... no, it couldn't be... wait...was it really?!  "Mom, that was McLovin! I heard his whistle!"  Mom kinda rolled her eyes and thought I was just hearing things because I missed McLovin so bad.  I ran to the front of the house in the yard and looked up in the trees.  I couldn't see anything but I yelled for him... "McLovin!!! You out there?!"  Nothing.  Didn't hear a peep.  I ran all the way around the house looking up in trees and calling for my baby.  Didn't hear him.  I called my brother and asked if he would come up and help me find my bird.  He came up with some binoculars.  I was sitting in a chair in the front yard, shaking a bag of potato chips, trying to lure McLovin down.  Without using binoculars, Alan (my brother) spotted McLovin in a tree.  I'm sure tears were in my eyes and I was so glad when I could actually see my baby... alive!

After about an hour of calling, whistling, and shaking potato chip bags, I finally got McLovin.  It took several tries for McLovin to fly to me.  He was not a very experienced flier and was HORRIBLE at landing...  Anyway, I stood in the driveway with 2 of my brothers and 1 neice and 1 nephew to lure that bird down out of the trees.  McLovin flew down to me and landed in the back of my brother's truck.  I grabbed him and ran in the house with him to give him food and water.  I sat holding him, crying.  I remember Mom just stared at us and said that she was amazed that he made it and that she didn't expect to see the little fella again.  I was so glad to have him back!  I sat with him for hours that night.  We talked about what he was doing outside in those trees overnight and I told him how much I missed him.  That night was when I told him I would buy him a girlfriend.  And that's exactly what I did.  The very next day, I bought Lucy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The beginning...

Hello and Welcome.

So after realizing that most of my facebook and twitter posts seem to be related to my pets, I began to think about possibly writing a blog.  Not that I feel like my pets are the most interesting creatures on the planet and that everyone should read about them, it's just that I am amused by them and I'd like to create an online scrapbook.  So that I don't forget the little things.  The good and the bad. 

Also, I watched Julie & Julia again today.  It's one of my favorite movies ever and I love how Julie wrote her blog without expectation of anyone reading it.  That's exactly where I am.  I may send the link to a few of my friends but I don't expect an audience.  This blog is for me to be creative, to vent, to complain, and to ensure that a year from now, I will be able to remember how angry I was to find the turd in the hallway or the toy box shredded into a million pieces.  (More on that later...)

Just in case I do decide to share a link to this blog later on, I must warn future readers of a few things.  I am very capable of dropping the F bomb, I tend to ramble about my babies, I may post 5 times a day or 5 times a month, and I reserve the right to include more warnings in future blogs.  Oh.. I also include smilies in waaayyy too many of my texts so they will be in the blog as well.  :)

My next several posts will include information about my babies and a tad bit of information about myself so that just in case some random person happens upon this blog, they are not lost.  And if you are a random visitor and you love me... here is a link to my twitter. Follow me.    Also, please leave a comment so I know you were here. :)

~Nancy Drew