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Thursday, July 19, 2012


I keep thinking how much I could benefit from winning about $7k-10k next time I go to the casino. Of course the odds of it happening are slim to none, but I'm still hoping.  If that were to actually happen,  I would be able to catch up on my house. Plus, I would be having fun gambling. :)

I am proud that I work hard for my money but I would be OK if I won it instead. And its not for the purpose of financial gain. Its for survival. Shelter is important.

Wish me luck.

~Nancy Drew

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

He left us.

Last night before I went to work,  "little brother" wrote a note that he was leaving and slipped out of the house. It was weird that he left while B and I were upstairs, but to each his own. 

B saw him at Walmart this morning. He said he couldn't find a ride. B told him where to stand to find someone to take him home. Poor guy. It was hot today and he said he had been standing there all night.

I hope he makes it home safely!

~Nancy Drew

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gambling with the "gays"

I went to the casino a few times this weekend. I made a bunch of money but ended up spending it all. It was a great weekend anyhow.

Cynthia went with us and she introduced me to one of her friends who just happened to be there. She told him my name and he said, "I'm Dick." So I responded, "Are you trying to run me off?" I love lesbian humor.  The man didn't understand why I said it so Cynthia had to explain, which made me laugh even.harder.

On our way back from the casino, we (meaning Cynthia) picked up a hitchhiker in Joplin.  Luckily, he didn't kill us and he ended up being pretty cool. So we decided to keep our little hitchhiker.  He was on his way to Chicago and we told him that we adopted him and he needs to stay in Springfield. He is going to stay a few weeks and see if he likes it. He is a nice kid and I hope he either likes it here or makes it safely back to Chicago.  I've been calling him my little brother.

~Nancy Drew

Monday, April 9, 2012

Whoop... Not 1, but 2!

Well, new plans.  Not just one new roommate... Make that TWO new roommates!  YAY!!  One will be here this weekend and one will be here on April 20th.  YAYAYAYAYA!  I'm so happy because I'm going to be closer to my friends.    

All of my boys are doing great.  They are happy and active and they are really behaving themselves.  

I have a lot of work to do this week and especially this weekend.

~Nancy Drew

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Old friends and a new roommate

It sure is great seeing old friends.  Not that all of my friends are old... Of course, I'm meaning it's great to see those who have been my friends for many years. :)  We had a great time chatting tonight.  I wish I had made it to my high school reunion today.  Maybe I'll make it to the next one.  I hope I don't end up being that person who drops off the face of the planet and never talks to anyone from my hometown.   But ahhhh to be a hermit!  HAHA I'm not even close to being a hermit.  I'm always out and about nowadays.  I love it and I hope it continues...

In other news, it's only a little over a week away before my new roommate moves in.

~Nancy Drew