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Sunday, February 27, 2011


The day after McLovin came home after flying away, I bought Lucy.  I called the nearest pet store and asked if they had any hand fed female cockatiels.  They said none are handfed but you can catch some of them in the cage. I didn't really care since she was for McLovin anyway.  I drove to the petstore and walked in.  It was a small, dark, and smelly petstore that had several different types of birds.  A huge cockatoo was on top of a cage, screaming.  I went up to the bird and it raised a wing for me.  The petstore owner said the bird only does that to people it likes so it can be scratched under the wing.  After I left the cockatoo cage, I looked around at the other birds.  I spoke with the shop owner and explained what I was looking for.  She said she was the one I spoke with on the phone and she had pulled a cockatiel from the cage and had it in a different room.  She brought Lucy out on her shoulder.  In the store, Lucy was calm and just borderline friendly.  Fine, I'll take her.  I paid and gathered up my bird who was carefully stuffed in a box with holes and we left for home.  Once I got her home, I wanted to keep her separate from McLovin in case she had any kind of weird bird diseases.  The very first night she was with us, my brother stuck his hand in the cage to pick her up.  He was used to McLovin being friendly and wanting to be held.  Lucy bit Alan on the thumb and blood went everywhere.  He screamed and called her a devil.  That's how she got her name.  Lucy is officially short for Lucifer.  She's a lucky little bird. If she hadn't been so mean to my brother, her name was going to be Moose.
Lucy was  being cranky because she had eggs in the nesting box.

She was hissing and telling me to get away from her babies.

There were 4 eggs under her.  It was her first clutch.

Lucy on the lamp and McLovin on the couch.

Lucy and McLovin always tried to stay in places where I couldn't reach them. Little penguins.

It didn't take long for McLovin and Lucy to fall in love.  They make sexy time ALL THE TIME.

McLovin and Lucy on the couch at our apartment.

Lucy was being overly affectionate and climbed on my lap.

She stayed on my lap for hours that night.

Lucy loves popcorn!

They spent so much time on top of my armoire.  They chewed up the edges of the doors and played in the candleholders on top of the armoire.

Lucy was on a mission, climbing up the couch.

Lucy gave Mommy kisses!

Pretty Lucy on the swing.

She may be McLovin's wife, but she's my baby.  She is perfect for our family.  I didn't pick her out at the store, but I couldn't imagine another bird being a better fit.  We love Lucy Goosey and I want her to be with us always. 

~Nancy Barber

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