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Friday, March 4, 2011


It's Kipper!

This is Kipper's cutie face when he's waiting for me to throw the ball.

Look at that happy baby!

This pic cracks me up.. He was smiling!

Kipper's smile.. kinda creepy.. but cute!

Kipper grinning.

Kipper just after a haircut.

Kipper snuggling with his bubby, Trevor.

Kipper playing in the creek with Auntie Christy.

My little man, Kipper.

Kipper loves watermelon! 

My happy Kipper at the vet office.

Kipper playing tug of war with a blue monkey. :)

Kipper is very "excited" to see Aunt Brandi.  Ahem.. like.. very, very excited....

Kipper and Trevor lookin all cute... :)

Kipper at the vet. He needed a haircut sooo bad!

Mr. Kipper trying on Halloween costumes at PetSmart.

Kipper showing Steve who's boss.  Who's yo daddy, Scuba Steve?

Kipper is my yorkie.  He has the biggest personality of all my dogs.  He's a horny little guy.  He's humped Trevor and Steve so many times.  His wee wee is so big that he's been nicknamed "BDD" (Big Dick Douglas) by Aunt Brandi.  I got him on Thanksgiving and on the way home from Arkansas, he barfed Thanksgiving dinner in my purse.  He is a very happy dog and he is always smiling.  He loves everyone and his favorite thing to do is play fetch.  He never gets tired of chasing a ball.  He also loves cookies! :)  Kipper is my little cuddly man.  He snores and farts all the time but has the best manners of us all.  He makes our family complete and I couldn't be without my little baby.

~Nancy Drew

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