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Thursday, February 24, 2011


McLovin is the first of my family.  I bought him soon after I moved to Missouri.  I got him when he was just a baby.
This is McLovin standing on my hand in 2010.

McLovin again on my hand in 2010.

This is a close up of McLovin. I'm not sure of the year. I'm guessing 2009-2010.

This was soon after I got McLovin.  2008

Mclovin guarding the first clutch of eggs.  Only one egg hatched but the poor baby didn't survive.

I got McLovin in early 2008.  He is my only male cockatiel.  He has such an amazing personality and is so full of character.  He is quite bossy and mouthy... so he fits right in.  He talks and whistles all the time.  He loves commercials on t.v. that whistle.  Right now, there is a febreeze commercial that whistles and he LOVES it. :)  He says "Hey McLovin! What're ya doin?  Come here! (sounds more like 'commere') Hey Baby"  He does the wolf whistle, the come here whistle, and he sings bits of the Andy Griffith Theme show song.  He used to whistle the entire song but now he just jumbles his favorite parts.

During McLovin's first year, he and I went EVERYWHERE together.  He has been in many different stores in Missouri and Arkansas.  We used to go shopping and go for car rides.  He would always stand on my shoulder as I walked and shopped.  He hopped onto an old lady's shoulder once in a pet store.  He wanted her earrings.  I remember so vividly how he grabbed those gold hoops and the lady just giggled like a little kid.  I was apologizing like crazy but she wasn't upset at all.  She was a delightful woman and we stood there and talked for about a half hour.  McLovin never tried to fly away during our shopping excursions.  Until... we were visiting my mom in Arkansas and I walked outside with McLovin on my shoulder.  There was a little devil child visiting with his parents that day.  The kid ran up the steps of the porch and right next to where I was sitting, he let out a loud trumpeting sound, like an elephant.  It startled little McLovin and he flew away into the woods near my parents house.  I was so heartbroken.  I didn't think I would ever see him again.  I just knew that with his bright yellow head, he would definitely stand out and be eaten before I could ever get him back.  I cried for him to come back.  I ran out in our yard and looked toward the direction that he went.  I yelled and whistled for him but I didn't see a sign of him. 

The next day, I was sitting on the porch with my mom.  We had been outside for a while just talking and enjoying the hot summer day.  I was chatting away and I stopped mid-sentence.... I thought... no, it couldn't be... wait...was it really?!  "Mom, that was McLovin! I heard his whistle!"  Mom kinda rolled her eyes and thought I was just hearing things because I missed McLovin so bad.  I ran to the front of the house in the yard and looked up in the trees.  I couldn't see anything but I yelled for him... "McLovin!!! You out there?!"  Nothing.  Didn't hear a peep.  I ran all the way around the house looking up in trees and calling for my baby.  Didn't hear him.  I called my brother and asked if he would come up and help me find my bird.  He came up with some binoculars.  I was sitting in a chair in the front yard, shaking a bag of potato chips, trying to lure McLovin down.  Without using binoculars, Alan (my brother) spotted McLovin in a tree.  I'm sure tears were in my eyes and I was so glad when I could actually see my baby... alive!

After about an hour of calling, whistling, and shaking potato chip bags, I finally got McLovin.  It took several tries for McLovin to fly to me.  He was not a very experienced flier and was HORRIBLE at landing...  Anyway, I stood in the driveway with 2 of my brothers and 1 neice and 1 nephew to lure that bird down out of the trees.  McLovin flew down to me and landed in the back of my brother's truck.  I grabbed him and ran in the house with him to give him food and water.  I sat holding him, crying.  I remember Mom just stared at us and said that she was amazed that he made it and that she didn't expect to see the little fella again.  I was so glad to have him back!  I sat with him for hours that night.  We talked about what he was doing outside in those trees overnight and I told him how much I missed him.  That night was when I told him I would buy him a girlfriend.  And that's exactly what I did.  The very next day, I bought Lucy.


  1. I can't believe he came back either! This is a great story Nancy. That's pretty mean that little kid did something like that, I imagine the kid didn't know any better but still.

    I bet if you played re-runs of the Andy Griffith show while you were at work just one day he'd be whistling the whole song when you came home. Although 10 plus straight hours of the Andy Griffith show could possibly torture him to death. lol -- See ya

  2. That would torture me too because if he starts singing that song again, I'll freak out.

  3. That would torture me too because if he starts singing that song again, I'll freak out.