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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The slutbag and my best friend, Greg.

I've been searching for inspiration to start writing again.  It was suggested that I write about a person I know.  Well, I'm not so great at writing facts or truth.  It's not as if I cannot speak the truth, but when writing, I find an outlet in creation.  Creating a world, a character, a situation, or a feeling is what drives me.  My way of dealing with life is to make life how I want it to be made.  Don't get me wrong.  Most of my writing stems from real life experiences and conversations, but some is a fabrication.   With that said, here is MY take on my best friend, Greg the slutbag:

How do you sum up someone who has so many talents and amazing attributes but has been dealt an unbelievably bad hand?  You're guess is as good as mine.  But for this particular person, he is my best friend.  He is the closest thing to family that I have and will ever have.  Greg knows everything about me.  We have had girl-talk sessions for hours and he knows things about me that nobody else knows.  He has seen me at my rock bottom and he has seen me during my most golden of moments.  The poor bastard has even seen me naked.

His real story started while he was married to his bitch wife.  That's when Greg and I first met.  There was but one problem.  Bitch Wife didn't like me.  She was threatened by my friendship with her husband.  I can't blame her for being jealous but her jealousy was aimed at the wrong individual.  Greg may have been a slutbag then, but he wasn't a slutbag with me.  We were only friends.  I mean, hello?  He's old and I'm not. 

After their divorce, Greg showed his true slutbag colors while maintaining a hero image.  Being that he was free from Bitch Wife, he dated and banged women, more women, and even more women... and from what I understand... he banged a few at the same time.  That was cool with me as long as I didn't lose his friendship.  While I had problems with my own marriage and my parents had problems with theirs, Greg was always there for me.  He calmed me down when I called crying and he scolded me when I screwed up.  That's where the hero part comes into play.  It wasn't just an image.  I didn't just perceive him that way.  He really was and is a hero to me.

During my "rock bottom," he saved me.  He saved me in every way possible.  He gave a bed to sleep in, money to get home, and a shoulder to cry on.  That may not be much to most people.  But to me, that means the world. 

Greg is a talented guitar player, handyman, womanizer, dancer, conversationalist, survivor, and therapist.  I know, I know.  Womanizing may not be the most admirable of talents.. but he's good at it.  A person with these talents deserves the best in life.  That person would not deserve to have failed marriages, failed relationships, instability, bad credit, nor low income.  Why does Greg have a few of these?  Because he is selfless.  He gives everything he has to those he loves.  Someday, he will have everything he deserves.  His friends and family, myself included, need to give something back to him.  He needs love and support so that he can continue to be a hero to me and everyone else.  So that he can prosper and be proud of his accomplishments.  So that he can be proud to be the best person I've ever known.

Greg and I have each witnessed our own failed marriages, failed relationships, general bad decisions, and some good decisions along the way.  One thing is clear during all these years of friendship.  We didn't fail.

I love you, Greg.  You, slutbag.

So there it is.  I guess it's not so difficult to write the truth.  Well, most of it is true anyway. ;)

~Nancy Drew

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  1. Nancy Drew....your an awesome writer adn I want to hear more! keep writing!
    I love you