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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Movies, anyone?

Since most everything in my life is uncertain right now, I've decided to blog about something I know.  I know movies.  I love movies and I love going out to see movies.  Anyone know how long it's been since I've been to a movie?  Close to a year.  It sucks.  I used to go with my friends all the time.  But now, I'm stuck with renting movies when they are cheap on Sundays or just watching tv online.  

My movie obsession is horror or suspense films.  My goal for the past couple of years is to find a 'scary' movie that actually scares me.  I used to be so jumpy and I hated watching them but now, I laugh at them.  I like the stories but the fear factor is kinda lame to me now.  I'm looking down at my desk and I see a couple scary movies that I rented this past weekend.  They don't scare me but I love the story.  

So, I need someone to tell me what movie will scare me if I watch it.  Leave me a comment and give it your best shot.  

~Nancy Drew

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