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Friday, April 6, 2012

Scuba Steven, M.D.

Steve plays dumb most of the time, but this dog is incredibly smart.  He knows what I mean when I talk to him.  I've noticed him staring at me and when I turn to look at him, he raises his head and lifts his ears, observing my every move.  Trevor does this too, but Steve does it most often.  He is a pretty good judge of character in people.   He has definitely protected me in many situations.  Steve protected me from my creepy ass neighbor.  The man walked up to us and Steve dropped to the ground and started growling.  When we walk to the park and strangers approach us, Steve walks closer to me.  It's as if he's saying 'stay behind me, Mom.  I'll check them out and make sure they're safe for ya.'  I love this dog and I'm going to do everything in my power to ensure his happiness.  He has protected me for almost 2 years and I'm going to protect him for the rest of his life. :)

~Nancy Drew

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