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Monday, April 4, 2011

Bird Sexy Time

Yesterday, I put the nesting box in the cage for McLovin and Lucy.  I put Sparkles in a separate cage because cockatiels become aggressive towards each other when they are nesting.  McLovin normally turns into a devil and Lucy becomes more calm and cuddly.  The nesting box went in yesterday and both McLovin and Lucy were in it just after 10am today.  Usually, they won’t go in it for several days after I present it to them.  I guess they are in a hurry.  McLovin is doing a great job rearranging the nest and chewing on the box to ensure it’s perfect for Lucy and the babies.  I can hear him in the nest right now asking Lucy what she’s doing.  She never responds.
Sparkles is pissed.  She is pacing in her cage.  I wonder if she feels left out.  I may get a male companion for her so that she can sit.  McLovin tapped that yesterday but I’m not sure that he would nest with Sparkles.  I just don’t want to take a chance of Sparkles laying a clutch and not having a male to help sit.  It’s just not fair to her.
~Nancy Drew

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