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Friday, April 1, 2011

I hate to shop

I hate to shop.  Sometimes, I love it but  most of the time, I hate it.  The highlight of my day today was scoring some $0.25 sour cream at the grocery store.  Majority of my day, I sat and stared at nothing and cried.  I took a nap this afternoon and I woke up laughing.  That was a good sign that maybe I'll make it through this.  

I'm not sure if it was my diet or just being depressed, but whatever it was, it worked.  Today, I wore pants that I've never been able to fit before.  I bought them too small and never returned them to the store.  They were actually pretty loose today.  Maybe THAT was the highlight of my day.  

I want to go to work and be normal.  I just want to feel better.

 ~Nancy Drew


  1. Congrats on the pants situation. I miss ur face at work :) and hope ur doing ok

  2. Nancy
    I want you to know that I love you very much and I am worried about you. You have been secluded long enough and its time you get out! Im not sure where to tell you to go or what to do but you need to be plugged into something. and it has to be a positive thing. perhaps something to do with the dogs or just getting out and somehow meeting people! I believe you are short changing the world by not allowing others to see te awesome person I know you to be. I would give anything to have ya here and take you with me t where I work and let you meet some of these incredible people. They would just love Kipper adn Trevor to pieces and Im sure you would fall in love with each of them as Ihave. Yes I know its hard and yes I kno its safe to be alone but te time is NOW!!!! put on them new britches adn get out of that house and start living! I am being harsh because Ilove you adn your my bestest friend.

  3. You can be harsh all you want but just know that I did not ask for your advice. I'm sad, not stupid.