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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Steve at the park

Steve shaking it off at the park.

 Steve sitting for Auntie Rachel.
 Steve was trying to give Auntie Rachel a kiss.  She didn't like it.
 Look at this gorgeous boy!
 Steve wanted to sit on the bench next to Auntie Rachel. :)
 Steve and Mommy in the park.
 Steve and Mommy playing tug of war with the leash in the park.
 Steve sitting for Mommy.
Steve shaking hands with Mommy.

Steve and I met Auntie Rachel at the park today.  He took a massive poop in the grass right as Rachel pulled up.  It was lovely... but Steve was a good boy and played really well.

~Nancy Drew

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  1. Good times! Steve wanted to eat my ear... not give me a kiss.