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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Old lady in the park

Today, I would've given anything to have a friend to go the park with me.  I have wanted to be alone for too long and when I finally desire company, I am forced to be alone.  I asked several of my "friends" to accompany me to the park for a walk.  Boring, I know.  But to me, it's fun and relaxing.  Few responded and nobody would go.  Scuba Steve and I walked to the park together.  Looking back, I think I would rather be with Steve than my "friends" anyway. 

We went to our normal spot and played.  He drank some water and got some cookies.  We sat on the bench and talked.  We ran and pounced and got tangled in the leash.  It was great fun.

While we were playing, Steve abruptly turned and looked to NW corner of the park.  A lady was walking a little black dog.  She came up to us and asked if Steve was male or female.  Apparently, her little dog does not get alone with female dogs.  I talked with the old lady for a while.  I know that her dog, Suzie, is part chihuahua part dachshund and was a gift from her daughter.

I know that the lady was in her night gown.  I thought it was just a dress until she said, "I should get back home since I already took off my bra and put on my night gown."  Whoa.  Thanks for that image, lady.

I also know that the lady has poor eyesight.  She came outside because she was in her house and asked her husband if he saw that deer in the park.  Her husband said, "You need new glasses.  That's a big great dane"

Who needs friends when you have a big horse-deer-dog and an old bra-less neighbor lady?

~Nancy Drew


  1. i wish blogspot had a *like* button like facebook does. i'd *like* this post. just cause it made me smile. and b/c i know you know it was the NW corner of the park cuz you were checking out googlemaps. hehe! you make me giggle!

  2. There is a 'like' button but I disabled it. I have other buttons "hilarious, interesting, awesome, cute."

  3. Dearest Nancy Drew: I would have been there if I had not just had a 6 minute speech and a BIG Horrible Aweful Test that was extremely difficult back to back and just got out of class when you asked. :( That's the downfall of my tuesdays. But, ... I am game for next tuesday (after class)/sunday!

  4. Oh and then we can bring Bert or just Steve... and maybe food.