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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I had HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE dreams last night.  I woke up afraid to go back to sleep.  I'm really sick of these dreams.  I wish I had a switch to stop myself from dreaming at all.

I had a security system installed in my house today.  I'm quite happy about it.  Maybe I'll sleep better at night.  It cracked me up when the dudes came to my door and asked if I have an alarm system.  I said that I have a Steve.  They asked to see him so I pulled Steve out the front door.  The men seemed to jump back quite a bit.  Just try to break into my house, bitches.

Bonus for the week:  I dropped another pants size.  WINNING!

And just because she's cute... here is a pic of Brittanney with Steve.

~Nancy Drew

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