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Monday, March 14, 2011


My first picture of Bert.  This was about 5 minutes after I signed his adoption papers and we were on our way to the pet store to buy new goodies!

Bert is very good in the truck....he even wants to help Mommy drive.

Bert kissing Trevor.

Bert is wore out from playing during his first day at home.

Bert snoozing on the floor.

Bert doesn't understand the concept of personal space. :)

I caught him chewing on my quilt.  He chews on everything!

Who could stay mad at that face?

My little man relaxing on the couch.

 I love this face!  HAHA I woke him up from a nap. :)

I fell in love with Bert when I visited the CARE shelter.  I knew he would be great for our family.  He plays so well with his brothers and loves to cuddle with Mommy.  He's a little ball of energy and is always up for a game of tug of war.  Bert LOVES to chew on things.  I have rescued many random items from his chompers... including and not limited to toilet paper, ink pens, shoelaces, hair pins, straight pins, bits of plastic, medicine bottles, wash towels, house shoes, the back off of the remote control, candles, allergy medicine, coke bottle lids, and also Trevor's ears. :)  Bert is the happiest dog ever.  His tail is always wagging and he loves to give kisses. I couldn't be more happy to have him here as part of our family.

~Nancy Drew

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