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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stronger bladders and dreams of deodorant

My wonderful little weak bladdered great dane got a cookie and a kiss this morning.  Steve allowed Mommy to sleep late on her first day of vacation without weeing on the floor. :) I'm sure he didn't know why he was being praised, but it made me happy to know that his bladder is getting stronger or that he's learning the rules.  Ahhh... baby steps.

Now, Bert on the other hand, is being a little wanker this morning.  I've taken two ink pens and one sharpie marker away from him so far today.  I'm not sure where he is getting them but its my priority to find his source.  I think he has a dealer and I'm going to put a stop to it. haha

Dreams.... Why?!  Why?!  Why are dreams so dang weird?!  A few nights back, I had a dream that I had to put Steve in rehab.  Apparently, I was so concerned about him that my job was suffering.  The day I got Steve out of rehab, Greg started trying to feed him crack to see if he would take it and relapse.  WTF? REALLY?!  My dog was a crackhead?!  (And thank you very much, Greg, for helping me with my dog.. I'm sure that's EXACTLY what he needed at the time... Don't you care about him?! and p.s., I love you.)

Last night, I had this dumbass dream about deodorant.  It was perfectly normal to apply your deodorant with a spatula.  A SPATULA?!!!!!!!!!

Someone please interpret before I lose my mind.  K thanks.

~Nancy Drew

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