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Monday, March 14, 2011

Now, THIS is a vacation!

Bert looking out the office window.

Bert is excited after I asked if he wanted to go outside to play.

Bert and Steve were playing so well.  They look mean but they love each other.

Bert was biting Steve's lips. lol

Bert right before he runs and pounces on Steve.

HAHA this picture cracks me up.. Kipper is hiding in the hallway.  He seemed so concerned that Steve and Bert were rolling around playing.

Steve has his arms around Bert and is nibbling him under the arms. :) So cute!

Bert really doesn't understand personal space.. poor Scuba Steve!

We have had such a fun day today!  If it wasn't so rainy outside, we would have spent more time playing in the backyard.  But we have played inside, cleaned, napped, cuddled, and had pizza.  We haven't had any fights, aggression, or even messes. :)  Even the birds have enjoyed the day!  I filled their bath for them and let them fly around the office.  I just don't want this day to end.

~Nancy Drew

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