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Monday, March 7, 2011

It's a 2 cigarette kind of day.

The day started off bad right after I woke up this morning.  Steve peed in the floor before I could get the door open to let him out.  When my alarm goes off, I have to run downstairs to let him out or he will just let it go on my hardwood.  This morning, I wasn't fast enough for Steve's petite, weak bladder.

Then off to work to find out that my department is being slammed with back to back calls.  Ugh... great.  I just did my job and took care of business like normal without much complaining.  My mind was elsewhere.  I couldn't stop thinking about the letter I got in the mail on Saturday from a debt collector requesting funds for an unpaid medical bill for Mom.  It didn't bother me so much that it was a bill, but it just reminded me of Mom and reading the first line of the letter saying how sorry they are for my loss was enough to depress me.  I thought all the bills were taken care of.  If it was my bill, to be honest, I would probably ignore it.  But I want to do right by my mom and if I need to pay it, I will.  During my lunch break, I went to my truck and texted my sister, whom I haven't spoken with much since Mom died.  She says she doesn't know anything about the letter and she didn't get one like it.  I even tried calling my brother but he wasn't home.  I did get to speak with my nephew, which was awesome.  I love that kid. 

I went back inside to work and talked with my boss about keys and work crap.  She asked if I smoked and I said, "No, but it's a 2 cigarette kind of day."  She looked at me like I'd lost my mind.  I told her a little bit about the letter and about communicating with family that I don't normally talk to.  A co-worker heard the '2 cigarette' line and vouched for me that I am not a smoker unless something is bothering me or I'm stressed.  Anyway, I'll pay the bill and life will go on.

I left work and stopped for milk at Walgreens.  I got almost home and this lovely little cop noticed my expired tags on my truck.  Eh, that didn't surprise me, but he didn't give me a ticket.  Cool.  I am well aware of my tags being expired as I've been waiting for my tax receipt so I can renew them.  I paid online and the wankers won't let me print an official receipt online... it MUST be mailed.  I'm still waiting.  Maybe I'll get it tomorrow.

I'm now home and glad this day is nearly over.  After a day like today, I can still be thankful of a few things.  Everyone got oreos at work today, the milk was on sale, the cop was hot, there were ONLY 2 cigarettes, and I made it home alive.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  I just know it.

~Nancy Drew