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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Skype has been a very important communication tool for me.  It allows me to connect with people who I never get to see in ways other than just texting.  I like to take snapshots of my calls so I NEVER forget them. :)

Julia doin her dance to "Low".

I love that she dances in her jammies.

I believe this is the pic closest to her boobs coming out.

This dance move looks a little bit more formal... but it wasn't.  She's a wild child. Dancing on webcam.

Look at those!

She danced thru the entire song and didn't know I was taking pics. :)

Dis gurrrlll got skillz.

haha I just L'dMAO at this

This should be her Facebook picture.

Those things were coming out. Damn you skype!

Caleb likes to create his own captions. LOL

This could be a mugshot fo sho.

We found a way to distort the pics and I believe Caleb got this one of me....

I was not stoned. I was only looking through files on my computer.

Skype is my friend.

~Nancy Drew

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