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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gardens & Destruction

Steve and I had our picture taken by the Grant Beach Community Garden sign a few days ago.  They said they would email the pictures to me.  I got one picture but it wasn't the good one!  But... I thought I would share it anyway.  Don't judge.  I was sweaty from running and my hair was a mess.

I came home from work to find my couches moved, my bathroom rugs relocated to the living room, and a dvd case shredded on top of the couch.  (Couch cushins were removed last night before bed to prevent further destruction.)

This was after I moved the couch back into place.  The loveseat is still out away from the wall.

This was once the DVD case that held "PS I Love You". Dammit.

~Nancy Drew


  1. damn dogs! trust cats instead!!!

  2. Believe me, I never said I trust my dogs. I couldn't trust a cat either. They would eat my birds. Effin pets.