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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nancy looks like...

My addiction to Google is taking over my life.  I need an intervention.  I've been playing the 'looks like' game on Google and I can't stop laughing.  I should be getting ready for bed, but instead, I'm staying awake so that I can ensure that I am a living-zombie tomorrow at work and my boss will ask if I'm on drugs because I'll be drooling and mumbling and I'll have to explain that I have a Google addiction and she'll ask, 'oh, what's that?' and I'll tell her to Google it.

So... here it is... According to
  • Nancy looks like a dazed Nixon daughter trapped in a Haight Street Summer of Love Love-In.
  • Nancy R looks like a pro.
  • Nancy Pelosi totally looks like E.T.
  • Nancy looks like she was molded from plastic, but she doesn't act like it.
  • Nancy looks like the guilty photographer picture published by herbrice.
  • Nancy McKeon totally looks like Val Kilmer.
  • Nancy looks like the energizer bunny back.
  • Nancy looks like a sexy tiger. :() rawr
  • Nancy looks like she's been frozen in time.
  • Nancy Pelosi looks like she's been holding in a fart.
So.. that is that.  I'm glad I'm not Nancy Pelosi.  According to Google, that bitch looks like an alien with gas.  Oh lawdy! 

Nancy might possibly look like this...

Or like this.

~Nancy Drew

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